Powerball: What sports teams could you buy with your winnings?

Powerball: What sports teams could you buy with your winnings?
You could buy Mike Trout and the rest of his Angels teammates for a cool $1.3 billion and have $200 million left over. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Have you come down with Powerball fever yet? The jackpot for tonight's drawing is expected to be $1.5 billion. As a community service to whomever wins, the Los Angeles Times sports staff would like to help you spend your money by pointing out the sports teams you can (and can't) buy. The list include L.A.'s newest team, the Rams. Below is a list of teams with their franchise value, as determined by Forbes:



In the NFL, you can buy:

Cleveland Browns (worth $1.5 billion)

Tennessee Titans ($1.49 billion)

Jacksonville Jaguars ($1.48 billion)

Rams ($1.45 billion)

Cincinnati Bengals ($1.445 billion)

Detroit Lions ($1.44 billion)

Oakland Raiders ($1.43 billion)

Buffalo Bills ($1.4 billion)


In baseball, you can buy any team except:

New York Yankees ($3.2 billion)

Dodgers ($2.4 billion)

Boston Red Sox ($2.1 billion)


San Francisco Giants ($2 billion)

Chicago Cubs ($1.8 billion)

If you really want to show off, you can even buy both Florida-based teams, Miami ($650 million) and Tampa Bay ($625 million) for a cool $1.275 billion.


In pro basketball, you can buy any team except:

Lakers ($2.6 billion)

New York Knicks ($2.5 billion)

Chicago Bulls ($2 billion)

Boston Celtics ($1.7 billion)

Clippers ($1.6 billion)

You could even buy the Milwaukee Bucks ($600 million) and have $900 million left over.


You can buy any NHL team you wanted, because the highest price in the league would be $1.2 billion for the New York Rangers. You could buy the Kings ($580 million) and Ducks ($400 million) combined and still have over $500 million in your checking account.

So what are you waiting for, Powerball winner? I can even help negotiate a deal for one of these teams for a very small $100-million fee.