Letters: Dodgers fans are giving up on Kenley Jansen

(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

Kenley Jansen did it again, or couldn’t do it, on Wednesday night against Toronto. Called in to protect the Dodgers’ one-run lead in the ninth, Dave Roberts favorite closer promptly gave up a home run to deny Walker Buehler a well-earned win. While fans are getting tired of Jansen blowing six late-inning leads, imagine how the starters who pitched solid innings must feel. How many more wins would Kershaw, Hill, Buehler, Ryu and Maeda have this season because Jansen and others can’t hold a lead?

Roy Reel

Culver City


If Kenley Jansen never appears in another Dodger game, it will be too soon. He’s not a closer. He’s not an MLB pitcher. He’s a batting practice pitcher. Anybody, even Joe Kelly at this point, inspires less dread in the hearts of Dodger fans.

Jordan Chodorow

Los Angeles


After another blown save by the wobbly Kenley Jansen, Dave Roberts says that Kenley is still the Dodgers closer. Hey guys do you really intend to win the World Series, or do you want to be a bridesmaid yet again?


Deborah R. Ishida

Beverly Hills


I have nothing against Kenley Jansen. He is a great person and for a few years a great closer. However, those days are gone. The Dodgers have no chance at winning a World Series with him as closer. Since they didn’t get a reliever at the trade deadline who can do the job, there is only one chance at winning the title. Try Joe Kelly as closer. He has been great since the All-Star break.

Mike Lorraine

Simi Valley


OK, it’s Game 7 of the World Series. Will it be at Minute Maid Park, Yankee Stadium or Dodger Stadium?

This is what’s at stake when we continue to lose games because of our closer. It’s time for Joe Kelly to assume this role. He has shown in the second half of the season that he is the pitcher the Dodgers hoped he would be when they signed him. Make the move now so he gets used to being the closer. We can’t go into the playoffs with this uncertainty.

Larry Estis



As fine a ball club as are the Dodgers, their blind devotion to Kenley Jansen as the closer will land them right on the golf course.

Bud Chapman


Time for a promotion

Just wondering. USC’s new offensive coordinator, who also happens to be a former Packers teammate of Aaron Rodgers, says talent-wise the true freshman backup QB is “as good as I’ve ever seen”. So, wouldn’t that make him better than the appointed starter?


Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

A bad hand

In poker, when one has three fives and a pair of threes, this is known as a full house. It will win almost every time.

In baseball, though, three fives and a pair of threes more aptly describes the Angels’ starting rotation, one of the worst in baseball.

And until Billy Eppler and the scouting department pull a couple of aces out of their hats, this team will remain mediocre at best.

The organization should be embarrassed for raising season-ticket prices after another dismal campaign.

Bob Kargenian

Yorba Linda


Whatever else happens to the Angels 2019 baseball season one thing is certain. Mike Scioscia is not to blame.

Vincent Carollo


A kick out of it

Carli Lloyd ... Wow women in sports … Women in the NFL? Now she’ll get paid what she’s earned.

Linda Bradshaw Carpenter

Los Angeles


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