NBA City Edition jerseys ranked from dorkiest to coolest


We could all use some fun these days. It’s still 2020, right?

You know what’s usually a lot fun? The NBA’s City Edition uniforms.

Also super fun — ranking things!

Somehow, 2020 has not taken either of those things away from us.

All of the league’s teams, except for the New York Knicks, have revealed their City Edition uniforms ahead of the start of the season later this month.

The Clippers announced the release of new City Edition uniforms by artist Mister Cartoon, who will also provide instruction through “Make Your Mark” Zoom classes.

Dec. 1, 2020

Some of the jerseys are more fun than others. Some are cooler than others. Some are definitely better looking than others. While it’s not nice to judge people by such standards, jerseys don’t have feelings.


So let’s rank them based on how cool they look and how fun they’d be to wear, rather than the inspiration behind the designs or anything like that.

One more thing — all of the jerseys were created by talented people. This is all meant to be in good fun and not to offend anyone.

All good? Great, because these shirts aren’t going to rank themselves ...


The outcasts

Pretty sure the Suns didn’t want to conjure memories of Atari’s Super Breakout. Or that the Heat wanted something even Don Johnson wouldn’t have wanted to wear on the set of “Miami Vice.” But that’s what ended up happening, and that’s why only super fans will want to be seen with this group.

29. Phoenix Suns

28. Oklahoma City Thunder


27. Miami Heat

26. Charlotte Hornets


No social life

These jerseys are not embarrassments. But they are definitely not fun. (The Hawks get bonus points for using “MLK” in place of the team name or cute nickname.)

25. Detroit Pistons

24. Boston Celtics

23. Houston Rockets

22. Indiana Pacers

21. Atlanta Hawks


The fun bunch

This is a group that is ready to party. They might be a bit unrefined and over the top, but a good time is all but guaranteed.

The one sophisticated exception within this category is the Pelicans uniform. But, hey, every party needs a snob standing back and judging everyone, right?


20. Philadelphia 76ers

19. Orlando Magic

18. New Orleans Pelicans

17. Cleveland Cavaliers

16. San Antonio Spurs

15. Memphis Grizzlies

14. Portland Trail Blazers


The cool crowd

These jerseys might not be super fun, but they look gooooooood. They definitely sit with the popular crowd at lunch.


13. Sacramento Kings

12. Lakers

11. Minnesota Timberwolves

10. Milwaukee Bucks

9. Golden State Warriors



No labels apply to these free-thinkers. Just sit back and enjoy their company.

8. Washington Wizards

7. Clippers

6. Dallas Mavericks

5. Denver Nuggets

4. Utah Jazz


Head of the class

Here we are with the coolest of the cool and the funnest of the fun. Really tough to decide between these sleek, clever designs. The Raptors’ gold trim is fantastic. The Nets’ tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat is almost perfect. But the Bulls earn the crown with a spectacular jersey that uses a sweet font reminiscent of the old school “CBS Special Presentation” intro. Well done.


3. Toronto Raptors

2. Brooklyn Nets

1. Chicago Bulls