L.A. dunkin’ on Boston again: Dodgers trolling of Red Sox, fans has new chapter

Clayton Kershaw holds up his glove in front of a Red Sox vs. Dodgers sign.
The Red Sox won’t be coming to visit Clayton Kershaw and Dodger Stadium in 2021, but their favorite coffee will.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

However unintended, Los Angeles’ trolling of Boston continues.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers announced a partnership with Dunkin’ that makes the Massachusetts-based chain the official coffee vendor at Dodger Stadium. “Once the stadium returns to full capacity, Dunkin’ Hot Coffee, Iced Coffee, Espresso, and Hot Chocolate will be served at 13 sites throughout Dodger Stadium,” the team said in a statement, “including the flagship location at the brand-new Centerfield Plaza which will feature a more robust menu of hot coffee blends, premium espresso beverages, and a tap system for Iced Coffee.


The deal is certain to further antagonize a Boston fan base that is already weary of L.A.-based trolling that includes the signing of Mookie Betts to a 12-year, $365-million contract, and the purchase of a Fenway Park-adjacent billboard this week by a group of Dodgers super-fans thanking the city for the trade of the superstar outfielder to L.A. last winter. (Winning a World Series with Betts, of course, being the ultimate kick in the gut).

Ubiquitous throughout the Northeast with a cultural cachet that, say, In-N-Out Burger has in Southern California — especially in the greater Boston area where it was founded in the 1950s — Dunkin’ has a far more modest presence in the Southland, where there are roughly 50 franchises.

(For those wondering, coffee is allowed under the Whole30 diet that knocked all those pounds off Justin Turner’s frame this offseason, though he will have to forego the “whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar,” and pretty much every other additive.)

Justin Turner heard the criticisms about his game while he was briefly on the free market, and he decided to do something about it by dropping weight.

The Dodgers open at home against the Washington Nationals on April 9.