Myles Jack loses cool at UCLA football camp at San Bernardino

Myles Jack loses cool at UCLA football camp at San Bernardino
UCLA linebacker Myles Jack (30) reacts after a defensive stop during the first day of summer camp at Cal State San Bernardino. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Things got heated in San Bernardino during UCLA's training camp Friday, and it wasn't just because of the triple-digit temperatures.

Linebacker Myles Jack was ejected from practice after a fight with tackle Conor McDermott after a play. Jack's anger would not subside, which led to his being escorted off the field by linebacker coach Scott White.


The altercation followed a play during team drills, where Jack was being blocked by McDermott. Jack threw two punches, followed by a flurry of punches by McDermott, at least two of which connected. Coaches and teammates rushed in to separate the two, which led to a minor skirmish between guard Alex Redmond and linebacker Kenny Young.

A request to talk with Coach Jim Mora was politely declined. Mora only speaks with the media on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays during training camp.

Defensive line coach Angus McClure, who was scheduled for a session with the media, said, "Coach Mora gave a great talk to the team [after practice], and obviously we'll keep that with the team. We'll handle that business as a team. Sometimes there are flare-ups, dust-ups."

This, though, was more raw anger.

"Somebody threw a little lighter fluid on it, no question," McClure said.

Jack seemed the one with the match.

Jack angrily stomped around the field while drills continued, with White trying to calm him down. During a water break, Jack started toward the team.

Linebacker Deon Hollins tried to slow him and offensive line coach Adrian Klemm stopped the junior linebacker for a brief talk. But Jack kept going. He had words with the offensive linemen and Redmond stood up to answer. Young pulled Jack away and walked him back onto the field.

Mora barked at Jack, saying at one point, "you're ruining your reputation."

A scout from the Pittsburgh Steelers witnessed the scene.

The aftermath is, "really how you recover as a team," McClure said. "We expect the leadership to take control of the locker room."

Jack has always been a demonstrative, edgy player, even during practice. He also was ejected from practice during training camp a year ago.

He had expressed this week that he wanted to be more of a team leader this season.

"I'm a very easygoing person," Jack said this week. "I treat football like a game and try to have fun. But I have to recognize those moments when I need to speak up. I'm trying to incorporate that into my personality, which has been 'chill, let's just go play and have fun.' Now I have to speak up and say something."


Goforth back

Safety Randall Goforth's season lasted two games last season before a chronic shoulder problem became too painful. He ended up having surgery on both shoulders.

Months of rehabilitation were difficult, but Goforth said he has emerged better for it.

"Being out really humbled me," Goforth said. "It brought me back to ground level."

He said that being sidelined allowed him "to watch my teammates compete. I saw some things I can get better at and that we can get better at."

Friday, he went through his first full-contact practice since last September. Goforth has started 20 games at safety.

"He is a really good communicator and a guy who has a lot of snaps under his belt," Mora said. "So he understands adjustments and is able to communicate them to those around him."

Broadus quits

Receiver Cordell Broadus, the son of rapper Snoop Dogg, has quit the UCLA football team.

Broadus, who played at Las Vegas Bishop Gorman High, has been absent from UCLA's training camp since it opened Monday. Broadus had 139 receptions for 1,810 yards and 26 touchdowns at Bishop Gorman.

He enrolled at UCLA this summer and went through workouts. But he did not report for training camp.

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