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Thinking Inside the Box

CLEARLY STATED: Architect Peter DeMaria’s rendering of the Pirkls’ home shows the main stairway enclosed in a translucent box of lightweight, acrylic panels. Finished plywood will form internal walls and partitions to add warmth to the industrial structure. (Peter DeMaria)
CONNECTIONS: Work continues on the two-story frame structure that will link the two stacks. Anna Pirkl’s studio will be on the first floor, with the master bedroom above it. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
CORNERED: The corrugated container stands in sharp contrast to the wood windows in the traditional frame part of the house. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)
CREATIVE: Architect Peter DeMaria helped the Pirkls design the 3,500-square-foot, four-bedroom home made of eight shipping containers. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
VISIONARY: DeMaria views the Redondo Beach neighborhood from his perch. The containers sit perpendicular to the street. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)
AFFORDABLE HOUSING: a container- based home in downtown L.A. was designed by Jennifer Siegal using large sheets of glass and a slanting roof to connect the containers. Recycled materials include Douglas fir beams in the living room ceiling. (Stang & Hawthorne)