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Edward Fickett home in Beachwood Canyon

Jim and Marianne Fox’s Beachwood Canyon house was designed in 1954 by the prolific Los Angeles architect Edward Fickett, known for popularizing a modern midcentury style in tract homes that he designed as well as in more elaborate properties for celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx. The Foxes’ one-bedroom house makes the most of a small space and celebrates the fine views with this deck area, set off the bedroom. (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)
The couple, shown here in the living room, removed a fireplace and room partition that a previous owner had installed, restoring Fickett’s original open floor plan. The design maximizes natural light and yields fine views of the canyon. “Our treehouse in the hills,” Marianne Fox calls it. (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)
A split view from the staircase: the upstairs living area, the downstairs bedroom. (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)
The couple, who run a vintage clothing business, preserved some original elements in the house, include the kitchen’s Thermador oven, which still works. (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)
The kitchen’s vintage vibe. (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)
Jim Fox walks down the spiral staircase toward the bedroom. “Originally the house was just the top level,” Jim says. “It was built for a couple as a weekend retreat for $9,000. It’s probably one of the smallest houses on Fickett’s résumé.” (Gary Friedman / Los Angels Times)