Goth wedding
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Goth wedding

When the singer Jessicka, formerly of Marilyn Manson’s band, got married Oct. 13, she brought goth style to the ceremony. It was officiated by screenwriter Jeff Buhler, as the Easter Bunny. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Guests shower the newlyweds, Jessicka Foder and Christian Hejnal, with rose petals at their wedding at Oviatt penthouse in downtown L.A. The bride wore a dress of champagne silk overlaid with black French Chantilly dress. The goth rocker couple decided to take the last name Addams, paying homage to the macabre TV family. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Long Gone John and burlesque diva Dita von Teese were among the guests. Von Teese wore a miniature aqua felt hat adorned with a single ostrich feather, and a 1940s cap-sleeved black knit dress with tiny turquoise beads on the shoulders. “I don’t often get to wear top-to-toe vintage,” she said. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Jeffree Star’s vividly colored hair was a standout among the many guests who wore goth black for the nuptials. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
From left, Adele Mildred, Jared Gold and Lynn Hass wore their finest vintage clothing, jewelry and hairstyles. Guests celebrated with a competition of crazy dancing to a goth-rock playlist. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Author Clint Catalyst, enjoying a tuft of cotton candy, waxed lyrical during his speech honoring the marriage of Jessicka Fodera and Christian Hejnal. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Bride Jessicka Fodera joins the wedding party dancing. She once sang with Marilyn Manson, then formed a noise-pop group called Scarling with Christian Hejnal, a guitarist and visual effects producer at Sony. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
The officiating Easter Bunny revealed himself to be screenwriter Jeff Buhler. He said that Jessicka’s request that he come as a rabbit “was a great idea. It exactly sums up our group of friends.” (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)