Step 2
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How to make a fitted t-shirt from an old favorite

Step 2

Adapted from “Save This Shirt” by Hannah Rogge

Time: About 15 minutes

Materials: 1 large T-shirt, preferably all-cotton, ironed; a well-fitting T-shirt to use as a pattern; sewing machine; straight pins

1. Turn the large shirt inside out and place it on a flat work surface, front facing up. Turn the well-fitting shirt inside out and lay it on top, front side up and centered, with the necklines as close to each other as possible.

2. Trace around the bottom and sides of the fitted shirt with chalk or a pen, depending on the color of the large shirt. Draw a line parallel to the top of the shirts’ sleeves that extends from the bottom of the fitted shirt’s armhole to the bottom of the larger sleeve (marking what will be the seam of the new sleeve). Remove the smaller shirt; at the chalk lines of the larger one, pin together the front and back.
 (Adrian Buckmaster)
Step 3
3. Cut along the bottom line of the shirt, both sides together. Using the sewing machine, stitch along the lines at the sides to form new side seams and new sleeves. Reverse stitch at each edge about 1/2 inch to reinforce the seams.

4. Cut 1/4 inch away from the new seams to trim excess fabric, then turn the T-shirt right-side out. (Adrian Buckmaster)
Step 5
5. Optional: Remove the shirt’s collar by cutting just outside the stitched seam, or vary the neckline by first drawing in chalk or pen V-neck, square neck or lower oval and cutting along the line. (Adrian Buckmaster)