Magazine captures the new design spirit of L.A.

“I have a strong belief that as artists we have a duty to try and make the world more interesting, weird and complex,” says Thomas Houseago in our story on Frogtown, one of Los Angeles’ evolving creative communities. Frogtown itself is a wonderfully weird and complex corner of L.A., a confluence of urban grit, natural beauty, cultural foment, hip restaurants and inviting bike paths. And best of all, a river runs through it.

The new life in Frogtown exemplifies the new spirit in our city, which this issue of DesignLA celebrates in different ways. There’s Kimpton’s glam new La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood (page 54), designed by Gulla Jonsdottir, and the new design showrooms of Lindsey Adelman (page 31), Loro Piana (page 16), Knoll (page 20) and Una Malan (page 15). There’s a brilliant new West Side house by MLK Studio and McAlpine Architects (page 38), and Paola Russo’s curated take on the newest offerings from international fashion brands like Gucci, Loubouton and Creatures of the Wind at the ultra-chic Just One Eye boutique (page 48). Gustavo Dudamel, the mercurial music director of the L.A. Phil, talks with Los Angeles Times music critic Mark Swed about Los Angeles, his new adopted home (page 23). Shoe designer George Esquivel (page 82) embodies a new definition of success in today’s fashion world; Tim Street-Porter’s new book (excerpted on page 74) revisits the glory days of Palm Springs modernism; and architect Frederick Fisher (page 94) continues to reimagine a new structural fabric for the city’s art world. Finally, writer Michael Slenske recounts the saga of bad-boy art dealer Patrick Painter (page 86), who’s embarking on a new chapter of his hair-raising L.A. story. Interesting, weird and complex indeed.

What else is new? DesignLA will be published by the Los Angeles Times four times this year (in March, June, September and November) as part of the paper’s dedicated coverage of the exciting scene that is Los Angeles now. Delivered to seven-day Times subscribers, the magazine is also available digitally at As always, let us know what you think.

Michael Wollaeger


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