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Uber-paparazzi Francois and Brandy Navarre owners of X17 paparazzi photo agency. The Former journalists have built one of the largest and most successful paparazzi agencies in Los Angeles. (Art Streiber / For the Times)
Michael Jackson’s kids Prince and Paris in a limousine. A bodyguard and a driver took both kids from Santa Barbara ranch to a visit a doctor in Los Angeles in August of 2000. (X17agency world EXCLUSIVE)
Jennifer Lopez on the movie set of Monster In Law in Los Angeles in May 2004, shows her love to singer Marc Anthony between two takes. The first intimate pictures of a vey discreet couple. (X17 AGENCY EXCLUSIVE)
Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. (X17 AGENCY EXCLUSIVE)
Paris Hilton arrested in Hollywood for suspected DUI on Sept. 7, 2006. (Photo by X17)
Paris Hilton arrested in Hollywood for suspected DUI. Paris did not want to be hadcuffed and tried to go in the car without handcuffs. Sister Nicky came to support her with boyfriend Kevin Connolly and manager Elliot Mintz at the LAPD’s Hollywood station. (X17online)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes carrying baby Suri to see a basketball game at Beverly Hills High School. (X17online)
Britney Spears shaves her head and gets two tattoos Feb 16, 2007. (X17online EXCLUSIVE)
Britney Spears gets crazy after desperatly trying to see her kids at Kevin Federline’s place in Tarzana. Britney took an umbrella and hit an empty car. (X17online)
Britney Spears is enraged for the camera after desperatly trying to see her kids at Kevin Federline’s place in Tarzana. (X17online)
An apparent bruise is seen on Spears’ hip during her tirade. (X17online)
Spears seemed eager to show her newly svelte stomach after an Apr. 23 dance workout. She was getting ready for a performance at the House of Blues in San Diego. (X17online)
Brad and barefoot Angelina have a family walk near the beach in Malibu with eldest child Maddox. Brad wears a hat and opens the door for Angelina who put Maddox on the car seat. (X17online)
Francois and Brandy Navarre, the co-owners of X17, at their home office in Pacific Palisades. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)