Want to get scared out of your wits at a Halloween zombie apocalypse showdown?


The zombie apocalypse has arrived, but only on weekend nights in October.

The Halloween craziness plays out at a place called Panic Mountain in the San Bernardino Mountains where you can participate in what’s called a zombie apocalypse live-action role play.

Here’s the deal: You must stop a massive infection that’s creating these soulless creatures while zombies chase you into panic rooms and through obstacle courses and mazes. Your job is to survive.

The first-time haunt plays out at the site of summer camp Pali Adventures in Running Springs, Calif. Participants are arranged into groups and take on six to eight challenges. They may involve paintball battles, zipline escapes and just generally running around in the dark.


You’ll even do time in a panic room where a zombie is about to be unleashed -- unless you and your group solve a puzzle to stop the madness.

Afterward, provided you live, you can have a celebratory drink at the Survivors’ Bash.

Participants must be 16 or older. Panic Mountain is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting Friday and ending Nov. 1. Tickets cost $49.95 for a single evening ticket and $169 to stay overnight. (Fees apply if you reserve online.)

Info: Panic Mountain: The Ultimate Halloween Nightmare, 30778 Highway 18,
Running Springs, Calif.


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