First-time cruisers, Lonely Planet guide gives you the how, where and when

Looking for an adventure cruise? Try Madagascar. “The Cruise Handbook” from Lonely Planet offers ideas and tips on cruises.
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You can find a tour book for almost anywhere you’d like to go. But books that tell you how, where and when to cruise are hard to find. Until now.

Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest guidebook brands, has just released “The Cruise Handbook,” a lively, easy-to-read field guide for first-timers that offers insight and advice for seasoned cruisers too.

The guide is aimed at the 27.2-million people who cruise worldwide annually — a number that grows each year as the cruise industry builds and sails more ships.


But how do you know where to cruise? And on what kind of ship?

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“The Cruise Handbook” points out a lot of Top 10 destinations that might help you decide. Learn about the:

►most affordable destinations,

►best beach destinations,

►top cruises with views and

►most exciting adventure cruises.

And you’d probably like to take a look at some of the book’s lists, which will help you save money; figure out the best places to take kids, tweens and teens; learn about off-the-beaten-track cruises and find cruises geared to LGBTQ passengers.

Other informative sections of the book discuss cruise etiquette, lingo, reducing your environmental impact and how to plan cruise-tours.

“The Cruise Handbook,” is the fourth cruise book published by Lonely Planet, which began selling guidebooks in 1973 and has since printed more than 145 million. ‘


The company’s other related books include “Cruise Ports Alaska,” “Cruise Ports Caribbean” and “Cruise Ports Scandinavia & Northern Europe,” all printed last year.

Info: Lonely Planet