Quiz: What’s your Canada I.Q.?


So normal, so nice. Canada’s like that quiet cousin you ignore because she’s just so unremarkable.

We assure you that Canada is not unremarkable. It might just be that you don’t know our neighbor to the north so you think that’s so. Here’s a small quiz to test your knowledge. One point for every correct answer; two points for each of the two bonus rounds.

1. Canada is the...

Just how big is Canada? (

a. Fourth largest country in the world

b. Second largest country in the world

c. Largest country in the world

d. Eighth largest country in the world

2. How many provinces and territories does Canada have?

a. Eight provinces, six territories

b. Eleven provinces, four territories

c. Five provinces, four territories and one possession

d. Ten provinces, three territories

3. The name “Canada” derives from:

Manitoba can be cold, but is its chilliness the basis for the country's name? (Paul J. Richards / AFP/Getty Images)
(PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP/Getty Images)

a. Old Latin for “peaceful people”

b. Huron-Iroquois meaning “village” or “settlement”

c. Old French for “vast”

d. Cree for “cold”

4. Canadian income taxes are:

The Canadian dollar, or loonie, has recently been weak against the U.S. dollar. (David Cooper / Getty)
(David Cooper /)

a. Usually higher than what U.S. residents pay

b. Usually lower than what U.S. residents pay

c. Usually the same than what U.S. residents pay

d. Don’t exist

5. Toronto’s airport is the busiest in the country. For whom is it named?

Toronto's airport is the country's busiest, more so this day in 2009 because of a security incident that slowed traffic to a crawl. (Frank Gunn / Associated Press)
(Frank Gunn / Associated Press)

a. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

b. Singer Celine Dion

c. Former prime minister Lester Pearson

d. Author Margaret Atwood

6. How many people cross the border between the U.S. and Canada each day?

The U.S. and Canada share more than 5,000 miles of land and water boundaries. (Don Emmert / AFP/Getty Images)
(DON EMMERT / AFP/Getty Images)

a. 227,00

b. 512,000

c. 146,000

d. 380,000

7. What are the national colors of Canada?

a. Forest green and yellow

b. Mushroom brown and forest green

c. White and red

d. Sea blue and orange sunrise

8. Identify the one-word territory that begins with the letter N and the year when it was created.

The territory mentioned in the question below. Do you know its name? (Kevin Frayer/Associated Press)

a. Nordique, 1911

b. Nuterra, 1787

c. Nystraum, 1954

d. Nunavut, 1999

9. What is the title of Canada’s national anthem?

a. Oh, Canada, my Canada

b. Qui n’avance pas, recule

c. O, Canada

d. Canada, My Soul Rests in Thee

10. What are the second and third lines of the national anthem?

Team Canada sings the national anthem during the Cup Final 2017 Singapore Sevens match between USA and Canada. (Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images)
(Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images)

a. Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all the sons command

b. Its beauty knows no bounds!

Sing its praises every day and let the trumpets sound

c. Non je ne regrette rien, ni le bien!

Qu'on m'a faitm ni le mal, tout ça m'est bien égale

c. Its fortunes rest within our heart!

By God’s grace, we shall not part


Which one of these inexpertly played tunes is Canada’s real national anthem?

(Click on the video button to play each)

A. Anthem 1

Is it this one?

B. Anthem 2

Could it be this one?

C. Anthem 3

Possibly this one?

D. Anthem 4

Or even this one?


Who was the U.S. president on July 1, 1867?

( Lincoln and Grant/Library of Congress; McKinley and Johnson, Associated Press)
(Picasa /)

a. Abraham Lincoln

b. William McKinley

C. Andrew Johnson

D. Ulysses Grant


1. b. Canada is the second largest country in the world

2. d. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories

3. b. Huron-Iroquois meaning “village” or settlement”

4. a. Canadians’ taxes are usually higher than what U.S. residents pay

5. c. Toronto’s airport is named for Former Prime Minister (and Nobel Prize winner) Lester Pearson

6. d. About 380,000 people cross the border each day.

7. c. White and red. And if you didn’t guess that from the flag photo above, deduct 10 points from your score.

8. d. Nunavut, created in 1999.

9. c. “O, Canada” is the name of the national anthem.

10. a. “Our home and native land! True patriot love in all the sons command.”


(Score two for each correct answer)

Round 1

The correct anthem is No. 4

Round 2

Andrew Johnson was president of the U.S. at the time of Canada’s Confederation.

Total possible points: 14

12-14: You must be Canadian

10-13: You may have Canada envy

6-9: You must have been absent that day

Less than 5: Please read all our articles about Canada (some below) for a greater appreciation of our neighbor to the north.

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