Many of us plan vacations at work. So Kayak has created a way to make travel searches look like spreadsheets

Kayak’s new @work page lets you secretly plan travel while at your desk. Just don’t turn this report in to the boss.

Kayak has rolled out a new tool for those who like to make travel plans when they’re supposed to be working. The popular search engine has designed a platform that looks like a spreadsheet instead of a travel search site.

The tool, called @work, or At Work, features search criteria discretely placed in the rows and columns of a convincing spreadsheet titled “Travel Problem Solved Report.” Only the orange “K” at the top of the page brands it as Kayak. (You can toggle to the standard layout from this window too.)

Whether or not this will fool the boss — or get you fired — remains to be seen.

The company says in press materials that it’s just trying to help workers out. Its data show that 57% of us are planning vacations while at the office, mostly between 11 a.m. and noon.


Also, Tuesdays are the most common day of the work week to plan getaways.

The @work tool made its debut April 1, prompting BuzzFeed to declare it one of 2017’s best April Fools’ Day pranks on the Internet — except it wasn’t.

Check it out for yourself at



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