These are the top 3 restaurants in Vegas’ Chinatown. You don’t know where that is, do you?

There’s a Chinatown in Las Vegas?

Yes, and you’ll find about 140 restaurants in a three-mile stretch to choose from. The city’s Chinatown, along Spring Mountain Road about 10 minutes west of the Strip, will welcome its newest restaurant, Sparrow + Wolf, this month.

I’ve done the homework to find the three most popular restaurants in Vegas’ Chinatown, based on the choices of contributors to 10 food and travel-centric websites. They include Eater Las Vegas, Travel + Leisure, TripAdvisor and Zagat.

The lists vary wildly, but three restaurants stand out. Here they are, with some helpful tips:


1. Chengdu Taste

As Las Vegas Weekly pointed out, this place just off Valley View Boulevard is an import from L.A. Chef-owner Tony Xu opened his first location in 2013 in the San Gabriel Valley. Zagat’s review cautions that the “traditional, spicy Sichuan fare” “hasn’t been diluted for American palates,” in dishes such as frog with red and green pepper, marinated pig’s feet and frog with red and green peppers.

Info: 3950 Schiff Drive, (702) 437-7888.

2. China MaMa

The emphasis at this longtime favorite for Vegas foodies is on authenticity. Thrillist’s review noted that “the dumplings are the big draw … however, the sliced fish in hot chili sauce could leave the biggest impression, thanks to a spicy, hot kick that’ll force you to swill about a gallon of their green tea.”

Info: China MaMa, 3420 S. Jones Blvd., (702) 873-1977

3. Raku

This place gets rave reviews from the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Frommer’s. Food&Wine called it “Japanese food bliss without sushi or ramen.” But a Yelp reviewer accurately notes that it is in “a very nondescript plaza.”

Info: Raku, 5030 Spring Mountain Road, (702) 367-3511.

“Nondescript” is an appropriate adjective for the 1990s-era strip malls of Vegas’ Chinatown. While Chinese cuisine predominates, the neighborhood also boasts multiple Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, plus a few hybrids.

Sparrow + Wolf [4480 Spring Mountain Road, (702) 790-2147] promises to be one of those hybrids blending a variety of cuisines.

The restaurant, created by chef Brian Howard, will offer eclectic dishes such as halibut ($24) with oroblanco and Alabama white barbecue sauce, and hamachi ($14) prepared with miso schmaltz, grilled scallion, lychee and buckwheat.

It is expected to open May 17.


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