Add these ideas to your storehouse of money-saving travel tips

Re: "Saving Money in Paradise," by Debbi K. Kickham, Oct. 15: From chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to Kona coffee, we have always found Maui's Walmart to be the best place for variety and prices.

It is our go-to place each time we visit, a few minutes from the airport and with a section devoted to souvenirs and gifts.


Leslie Nagby


England’s senior deal

Re: "Real Fantasyland," by Rosemary McClure, Oct. 8: I have just returned from England, where I was happy to discover that as an over-60 senior I was eligible for a senior rail card for 30 pounds a year, or about $40.

This saves 30% off rail fares, and anyone over 60 is eligible even if traveling from a foreign country. There are some restrictions about when you can travel, but it saved me quite a sum. It is available online or at a station. Info:

Alison Davis

Rancho Palos Verdes

New Mexico’s film résumé

Thanks for the article featuring the Puye Cliffs of northern New Mexico ["Carved Into History," by Frank O. Sotomayor, Oct. 8]. I was born in that area.

Matthew Broderick shot some scenes of a 1996 movie called "InfInity" at Puye Cliffs. It was his directorial debut, and his mother wrote the screenplay. The film was about a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos in the 1940s.

In the story line, the main character, played by Broderick, brought his wife, played by Patricia Arquette, from the East Coast to New Mexico to help her with her respiratory issues. It's not a bad little film.

Jeff Padilla

East Hollywood

Before you leave, a to-do list

The article by Catharine Hamm, "A Wet Welcome Home" [On the Spot, Oct 8], about turning water off before vacationing, was right on.

Another task to add to the "before we leave home" list" would be to put a lock on the outside electrical box. If someone turns off the power, you could lose the protection of your security system and come home to a thawed freezer as well.

Marcy Boswell