Want to stay connected while traveling? Check out this low-cost talk and text phone

My friends and I decided to try to purchase a phone before leaving on a cruise to Spain and Portugal.  For $53, we received a basic talk and text phone loaded with a standard SIM card ($29).  We received a free multi-voltage charger, a travel adapter set and an All-Risk Protection Plan ($14).  What made the phone particularly attractive was being able to retain the same international phone number for life (it’s a United Kingdom number). We were charged only 99 cents per minute, per call made or received, whether overseas or local.  It works like any other cellphone: You just have to remember to add the international calling code before each area code and phone number when storing contacts.  Calls are automatically billed to the credit card used to purchase the phone.

Mobal Communications, (888) 888-9162,

Jo Ann Lee

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