Sure, ‘Hamilton’s’ coming to L.A. Maybe a visit to his Caribbean hometown is in order too

Caravelle Hotel & Casino sits on Christiansted's waterfront, not far from where a young Alexander Hamilton worked in St. Croix.
Caravelle Hotel & Casino sits on Christiansted’s waterfront, not far from where a young Alexander Hamilton worked in St. Croix.
(Caravelle Hotel & Casino)

The blockbuster musical “Hamilton” is set to land in L.A. at the Pantages Theater next month. But maybe a trip to the Caribbean is in order beforehand — specifically, a trip to Alexander Hamilton’s hometown on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

The founding father worked and lived in a town called Christiansted between the ages of 8 and 15, starting in 1765. At the time, it was capital of the Danish West Indies, which accounts for the 18th century Danish-style homes still standing there.

There’s nothing left of Hamilton’s home, but the Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism organization leads a 2 1/2-hour tour that visits the neighborhood where he grew up as well as a trading company where he once worked as a clerk.

It was here that he honed his financial skills, and undoubtedly witnessed firsthand the booming African slave trade. The tour visits the Old Danish Customs House, Fort Christianvaern in Christiansted National Historic Site, and other locations.


The Caravelle Hotel & Casino, also on the waterfront, isn’t far from where Hamilton once worked. The recently renovated hotel offers visitors a three-night stay that comes with a bottle of rum and two Hamilton walking tour tickets.

Prices for the package start at $485 through Dec. 14, and $640 from Dec. 15 to April 14, excluding taxes.

Info: Caravelle Hotel & Casino, (800) 524-0410


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