Web Buzz: Sky Tripping app offers aerial videos with breathtaking sights and (mostly) soothing sounds


If you don’t have the time or money to leave town, you can bring the sights and sounds of a beautiful place into your life.

Name: Sky Tripping: Relax to Stunning Aerial Films

What it does: The app offers a collection of aerial videos that begin on the California coast and, for subscribers, take you to the Rocky Mountains, the red rocks of Sedona, Ariz., the Sonoran desert and more.

Available: In the App Store, requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Cost: $2.99 to download (in app purchases for $1.99 a month for additional themes or $19.99 a year for all access). Free trial for the first month if you sign up for the monthly subscription.


What’s hot: The aerial videos of sunset ocean views are indeed peaceful, and to hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean lapping at the shore is downright dreamy. Don’t miss the Tips section where you can find ideas on how to best use the app. The sound of squawking sea gulls too much for you? Not to worry: You can control the volume with your phone or TV. The corresponding website ( has a demo trailer and advice on how to better your life through relaxation. Need a reminder to relax? It has that too. Go into Settings in the app and select a time for your daily reminder.

What’s not: I found and bought the app on my iPhone 6 Plus, but after reading the Tips section I wanted to use it instead on my home TV screen. I paired my iPhone to my Apple TV through AirPlay so I could watch the videos in my living room. However, if I wanted to use my phone to text my husband, guess what would show on the TV? If you have the latest version of Apple TV (fourth generation) you can download the app from Apple TV and not have to pair it with your phone. Trust me, the videos are even better on a bigger screen.