Extreme cruising: You can go snorkeling in the Arctic on these expeditions

Aurora Expeditions

You need a dry suit as well as hood, gloves, boots, mask and fins to go snorkeling in polar areas near Greenland and Spitsbergen, Norway.

(Aurora Expeditions)

Polar snorkeling is the latest shore excursion offered by a small-ship cruise line that sails to northern Norway and Greenland.

That’s right, snorkeling in the Arctic to see what’s above and below the huge ice formations.

Aurora Expeditions based in Australia offers the snorkeling option for those who want to see sea anemones and urchins, crabs and “the occasional polar cod,” according to a statement.

“Polar snorkeling and diving is not for the faint-hearted, but those with a love for exploration and spirit of adventure will delight in being one of the first to enjoy some of our planet’s most unexplored waters,” the statement says.


Aurora Expeditions three years ago pioneered polar snorkeling in Antarctica.

The company says if you’re a snorkeler, you’ll do fine; no scuba diving experience is required. Polar divers wear something called a Snorkel Dry Suit along with hood, gloves boots, fins and a mask.

And you’ll be briefed before you dive too.

The cruise costs $4,612 per person and an additional $704 if you want to do the polar dive.


Info: Aurora Expeditions, or e-mail


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