Carlsbad: Legends of Chima Water Park shapes up at Legoland California

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One thing you have to understand about the Land of Chima: The lions are the good guys. They’re the ones who seek to protect the kingdom from the battle-prone crocodiles on Cartoon Network’s TV series and video games.

So it’s not surprising that the largest piece of Legoland California’s yet-to-open Chima-themed water park is a 2,116-pound Lion Temple Arch.

The arch, 18 feet off the ground, was put in place last weekend at the emerging Legends of Chima Water Park that’s slated to open May 24.

“The Lego arch will stream water beneath the massive lion head at the entrance to the Lion Temple Wave Pool,” a Lego announcement says. It’s made of 260,000 Lego clay-colored bricks.


Kids who know the show or games will recognize a “floating” Mt. Cavora (where energy called chi is stored) that will blast 400 gallons of water a minute from high above the wave pool.

The water park also includes features such as Eglor’s Build-A-Boat where kids can make their own boats and race them, and Cragger’s Swamp, where water slides and cannons push kids through a massive crocodile head. Six Lego models will be in the area too, including mini models of the water park and an 11-foot-high eagle head.

The theme park debuted “The Legends of Chima” 4-D film March 7 that pits lion (Laval) against evil crocodile (Cragger) who battle for chi power and control of the kingdom. The movie continues to play at the park’s Lego Show Place 4-D theater.

The water park is included in the cost of admission to Legoland Water Park.


Info: Legoland Califiornia Resorts’ Legend of Chima Water Park
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