Gear: Magnets make this pillow conform to your neck, your needs

The ZNZI pillow contains magnets that allow it to be transformed into different shapes.

With all the travel pillows on the market, can yet another new entry possibly stack up?

Surprisingly, the ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow delivers good head-and-neck support in an innovative way. It contains magnets, so please note this: They can interfere with medical devices, such as pacemakers and insulin pumps.

The 19-by-12-inch rectangular pillow is made of a baby-blanket-soft polyester and stuffed with a plump yet featherweight fill. The ingenious part is the six strategically embedded magnets and two suction cups that allow the pillow to be reshaped and reconfigured.

Sitting in a window seat? Those suction cups can secure the pillow to the window, so you can lean into the pillow. For more neck support, bend the pillow in half lengthwise, and snap together the three magnets along the periphery at each end of the pillow.


Snap or roll the ZNZI into other configurations for use as a back support, arm rest or chin rest. The pillow rolls up for stuffing into an included nylon sack.

Info: ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow in navy, plum, or charcoal costs $45.99.

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