Let the games begin -- the ‘Hunger Games’ exhibition, that is

‘Hunger Games’ exhibit

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square in New York. From left to right: the wedding dress, the “Mockingjay” dress and the “Mockingjay” armor.

(Marion Curtis / StarPix)

Fans of Katniss Everdeen have a reason to visit New York this summer.

The Discovery Times Square Museum opens its “Hunger Games” exhibition on Wednesday, giving fans an inside look at costumes and props used in the sci-fi action films.

A few hotels are offering special packages, including VIP tickets, for the exhibit.

Visitors can explore the fictional world of Panem in seven galleries, featuring artifacts from scenes of District 12, the Tribute Train and the Capitol.


Some of the costumes featured are the “Girl on Fire” dress, the “Mockingjay” dress and the “Mockingjay” armor; key artifacts including the Mockingjay pin, Cinna’s sketchbook and Katniss’ bow; and interactives including an explorable map of Panem.

The exhibit will also demonstrate the science, technology and real world problem-solving in the making of the young-adult book series-turned films -- the “educational” part, as Jenefer Brown of Lionsgate noted.

The exhibit will be open until Jan. 3. If New York is not in your travel plans, “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition” will be in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts in February.

Tickets cost $29.50 for adults and $22.50 for children aged 3 to 11.


Info: (855) 266-5387, Discovery Times Square

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