Offbeat Traveler: The Cancun Underwater Museum
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Offbeat Traveler: The Cancun Underwater Museum

By Michael Robinson, Los Angeles Times

Cancun, Mexico, has a new tourist destination that combines sculptures and ... snorkeling? (Jason deCaires Taylor)
The Cancun Underwater Museum, which opened Nov. 26, features 400 life-size concrete sculptures. It’s free, but visitors are recommended to go with tour operators. (Jason deCaires Taylor)
Artist Jason deCaires Taylor, now the art director of the museum, sculpted the pieces and oversaw the first sinking of the sculptures in November 2009. (Jason deCaires Taylor)
The goal of the museum is to draw tourists away from the natural reefs that surround the sculptures, without losing the visitors who bring the area millions of dollars every year. (Jason deCaires Taylor)
The museum isn’t finished. Phase 3 is to begin this year, in which the museum will invite other sculptors to construct works of art. (Jason deCaires Taylor)