Under pressure? Here’s a 60-second lesson in stress management, the Yellowstone way

Under pressure? These Wyoming geysers, springs and pools are too.

You are an American in 2015 — which is to say, you’ve got anxieties and complaints the way Yellowstone National Park’s got geysers.

So you might be a candidate for this 60-second stress-management video lesson from Yellowstone. By day and night, the park blows off steam. Maybe someday it’ll really blow — in a continent-crippling, ash-for-days, volcanic sort of way — but for the moment, the boiling and bubbling seem to be postponing catastrophe.

I shot this video in late July. For news junkies and politics geeks, I prescribe repeat viewing.


“A Minute Away” is a video series in which nothing much happens — except you see the world, and hear it, and get a respite from workaday life. We’ve covered Machu Picchu, Red Square, the Yucatan, the Alamo, an Alaskan float plane and the reading room of the New York Public Library, among other places. Since early 2013, we’ve been adding a new minute every week (and some of those “minutes” are closer to 120 seconds). So if you’d prefer an hour or two away, we’ve got more than enough here for you…

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