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Urban Bordeaux and the rural Dordogne: Alike yet different

Early summer in France’s Dordogne region is the time to participate in la Félibrée, a celebration of Occitan culture. Lace is an important element of authentic Occitan costumes.  (David Lansing)
Brantôme is known as the “Venice of Dordogne.” A 9th century Benedictine abbey is one of the city’s charms.  (David Lansing)
In Brantôme, the hotel-restaurant le Moulin de l’Abbaye occupies a particularly lovely spot along the Dronne river.  (David Lansing)
Accordions, most handed down from generation to generation, are popular instruments at the annual la Félibrée in the Dordogne.  (David Lansing)
Félibrée dancers, in traditional costumes, pass beneath strings of artificial flowers.  (David Lansing)
In chic, urban Bordeaux, the city’s opera house, right, is one of the oldest and most elegant in Europe.  (David Lansing)
Rounds of fresh goat cheese are among the temptations sold in the Bordeaux food hall les Halles de Bacalan.  (David Lansing)
Bottles of vintage Armagnac line a shelf at a restaurant in les Halles de Bacalan, across from Bordeaux’s temple to wine, la CitéŽ du Vin. (David Lansing)
La CitéŽ du Vin, Bordeaux’s glamorous new wine museum, is said to resemble a swirling glass of vino(David Lansing)
On the eighth floor of la CitéŽ du Vin, visitors can sample from a selection of 20 world wines.  (David Lansing)
La Félibrée, a celebration of Occitan culture, is held beneath strands of artificial flowers. The festival rotates among cities in the Dordogne. In 2018, St Cyprien hosted.  (David Lansing)
A hurdy-gurdy player cranks out an old melody at la Félibrée, a celebration of Occitan culture.  (David Lansing)
Le Château les Carmes Haut-Brion is just a few tram stops from Bordeaux’s city center.  (David Lansing)