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Photos: Road trip to Aravaipa Canyon

Road trip to Aravaipa Canyon

Dusk on the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. (David Kelly)
Aravaipa Creek flows through Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona. Most of the hike through the canyon is in the water. Walking sticks or poles are highly recommended. (David Kelly)
Hiking the Aravaipa Canyon in the desert of southeastern Arizona along a stream and oasis. (James G Manning / Shutterstock )
Aravaipa Creek flows past sandbars and trees as it snakes its way down Aravaipa Canyon. (David Kelly)
Vintage car turned into a fountain in Why, Ariz. (David Kelly)
A mural in Why, Ariz. (David Kelly)
Saguaro cactus near Aravaipa Canyon. (David Kelly)
Rippling sand dunes are part of the Gran Desierto de Altar, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  (David Kelly)
Roadside shrine along Highway 8 in Sonora, Mexico. (David Kelly)
The Gran Desierto de Altar in Sonora, Mexico, is considered the driest place in North America. (David Kelly)
People fly kites along the malecon in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora state, Mexico. (Pedro Pardo / AFP / Getty Images)