Fitness essentials, from body wraps to wheeled headrests

You can use Symmetry Ball for kettlebell-style swings, dynamic push-ups, lunges and deadlifts.
(Smart Body)

Who would have thought self-massage, vibration, heat, foam rolling, hydration and even a kettlebell-type swing could be improved? Here’s a bumper crop of innovative new fitness products that conveniently and more effectively allow you to target your workouts and exercise rehab.

Belle of the ball

Symmetry Ball. A thick, hollow, heavy-rubber ball with numerous handle-holes that allows for many different exercises, including kettlebell-style swings, dynamic push-ups, lunges and deadlifts. Invented by a golfer to help strengthen a rotation, it is available in 6- to 20-pound weights.

Why we like it: It has a natural, balanced feel during exercise and won’t crack your floor (or your foot) if you drop it.


Info: $54.95 to $99.95,


Self-massage savant

Extend your reach for self-mnasage with the Body Lever.
(The Body Lever)

The Body Lever. Extended-reach massage device that consists of two textured wooden massage sticks connected by a rope.

Why we like it: Simple, ingenious design lets you reach any part of your body with real leverage, including areas often out of range with standard massage devices, like your back, hamstrings and shoulders.

Info: $129,, (707) 953-2639



Hydration and more

Load up Hydration Junkie with your personal effects and you're ready for the gym.
(Hydration Junkie)

Hydration Junkie Transporter Jug. A square 3-liter water bottle that also holds other essential items, including cellphone, wallet and keys.

Why we like it: Solves a problem in a neat, convenient way.


If you’re worried about lugging (and forgetting) too much stuff at the gym, the Jug consolidates it all with a built-in magnetic phone attachment, carabiner clip for keys in the handle, and a pocket for cards and cash.

Info: $29.99,


Better way to roll


The HNS System wheeled dolly headrest provides head and neck support during foam rolling.
(Genesis Performance)

HNS System headrest. An 18-inch-long, 14-inch tall, four-caster-wheeled dolly that provides head and neck support (HNS) during foam rolling.

Why we like it: By adding comfort and control to foam rolling, it lets you do more of it, more effectively. Also, it facilitates a number of other valuable exercises, including ab rollouts (when used as a foot platform) and dynamic push-ups (used as a single-hand platform support).

Info: $79.99,



Feel the heat

Hyperice Venom Back melds vibration pods and nanotech heating elements to wrap your back.

HyperIce Venom Back. Neoprene heat and vibration device with four 1-inch vibration pods and nanotech heating elements that can be wrapped around your back or leg. Includes a digital touch-screen that lets you select time, vibration pattern and temperature up to 190 degrees


Why we like it: Provides targeted, hands-free, before-and-after relief, rehab and warm-up for cold, sore or stiff muscles. Works at home and on the road, as it is TSA approved for use on flights.

Info: $249,, (949) 565-4994