Monday Market at Jakkanahalli
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India: Wild, Redefined

Monday Market at Jakkanahalli
The busy Monday Market at Jakkanahalli, India, a village off the Bangalore-Myore Highway. (Vani Rangachar/LAT)
Vidhana Sondhax in Bangalore
Bangalore, India, is a modern city in the south of India. Vidhana Sondha, is a magnificant state government building. (Vani Rangachar / LAT)
Shreyas yoga retreat
Shreyas is a yoga retreat in India opened in 2004 that is a melding of Indian and international spiritual and tech. (Vani Rangachar/LAT)
Bangalore outdoor market
Bangalore, India: a vegetable seller in an outdoor market waits for business. (Vani Rangachar / LAT)
Spring festival in Bangalore
Bangalore, India: A Holi celebration (a Spring Festival) in the Rajainagar neighborhood of Bangalore. (Vani Rangachar / LAT)
On the banks of the Kabini River
Pleasent scene on the banks of the Kabini River at the Cicada-Kabini wilderness retreat in India. (Vani Rangachar / LAT)
Nagarhole National Park
About 200 kilometers southeast of Bangalore, India, is Nagarhole National Park, home to as many as 400 elephants. (Vani Rangachar /LAT)