Sandstone Peak
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The Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains

A view at sunset from Sandstone Peak looking northwest toward Camarillo. (Al Seib / LAT)
Ceanothus (Al Seib / LAT)
Oaks provide shade along a stretch of the trail. (Al Seib / LAT)
The western end of the trail from La Jolla Canyon climbs steeply. ()
A view from Sandstone Peak (Al Seib / LAT)
A compass atop Sandstone Peak (Al Seib / LAT)
Dudleyas (Al Seib / LAT)
Prickly phlox (Al Seib / LAT)
Yucca (Al Seib / LAT)
Indian Paintbrush (Al Seib / LAT)
Coreopsis (Al Seib / LAT)
At its western end in Point Mugu State Park, the Backbone Trail snakes up rocky canyons through chaparral-covered slopes. (Al Seib / LAT)
A hiking class from Pepperdine University walks along the Backbone Trail in La Jolla Valley. (Al Seib / LAT)
Flowers found at Trippet Ranch. (Al Seib / LAT)
Oxalis (Al Seib / LAT)
A couple walks along the Backbone Trail at Trippet Ranch. (Al Seib / LAT)
Verbena (Al Seib / LAT)
Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry (Al Seib / LAT)
A hiker walks along the Backbone Trail near Will Rogers State Historic Park. (Al Seib / LAT)
Morning Glory (Al Seib / LAT)
Coastal Prickly Pear Cactus (Al Seib / LAT)