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Flight risks

In their hide-outs or on the run, trout usually evade capture. The ones that get away most in California? Brown, hatchery rainbow, golden and brook — as shown in sketches by Jack Unruh.

Known aliases: Salmo trutta, German brown, Von Behr, Loch Leven, hook-jaws. Habitat: Streams and rivers; lakes; intertidal areas. Length in inches: Typically 10 to 30 State record in pounds/ounces: 26/8. Identifying characteristics: Brownish-yellow body with red and black rounded spots above lateral line; squarish caudal fin. ()
Known aliases: Oncorhynchus mykiss, stockers, planters, sluggos, Purina trout, ‘bows, Alpers (for Tim Alpers, the Eastern Sierra rancher who raises a strain widely stocked in Southern California). Habitat: Clear, cool streams, rivers and lakes. Length in inches: Typically 6 to 16 State record in pounds/ounces: 27/8. Identifying characteristics: Pinkish stripe along lateral line; heavily spotted above and below lateral line and on dorsal, adipose and caudal fins. ()
Known aliases: Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita, California golden. Habitat: Small, cool, high-altitude streams in the Kern River drainage; adaptable to high lakes. Length in inches: Typically 5 to 12. State record in pounds/ounces: 9/8. Identifying characteristics: Large, rounded spots on bright, golden-yellow body; crimson belly; brassy or copper back. ()
Known aliases: Salvelinus fontinalis, brookies, speckled trout, square tail. Habitat: Clear, cool streams and rivers; cold ponds and lakes; intertidal areas. Length in inches: Typically 5 to 7. State record in pounds/ounces: 9/12. Identifying characteristics: Small red spots surrounded by light-blue halos scattered among larger light -yellow spots; wavy markings on back and dorsal fin.

Sources: Calif. Dept. of Fish and Game; “Trout and Salmon of North America”; assorted anglers ()