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Taking off

A rider on a mountainboard flies through the air, taking off from a dirt ramp. (George Wilhelm / LAT)
Mountainboarder Sean Vile, 14, flies off a jump built in an empty corner lot in Carlsbad. With few public terrain parks or tracks, mountainboarders search out hills, build their own jumps and hope the city or a developer doesn’t bulldoze them before the next session. (George Wilhelm / LAT)
Brad Beren, 26, slides his mountainboard to a quick stop in the dirt while riding at a corner lot in Carlsbad. He and some friends in the SoCal Dirt Riders Club are doing everything they can to promote the under-recognized sport of mountainboarding. They get together on weekends to ride on a variety of terrain. (George Wilhelm / LAT)
Jason Lee during a recent competition. (Courtesy of
Mark Shaw during a practice run. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee gets air during a competition. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee maneuvers his way down a rocky trail. (Courtesy of
Spectators watch Leon Robbins performs tricks. (Courtesy of
Chris Farmer navigates down a trail. (Courtesy of
Mark Shaw speeds down a hill. (Courtesy of
Mark Shaw launches off a large boulder. (Courtesy of
Jereme Leafe flies high above the crowd. (Courtesy of
Brack Lee launches off a giant rock. (Courtesy of
Leon Robbins repairs his board. (Courtesy of
Leon Robbins competes in a mountainboarding competition. (Courtesy of
Tim Conklin uses the ramp to build speed during a competition. (Courtesy of
Jereme Leafe hits the top of a ramp. (Courtesy of
Joel Lee boards down a steep hill. (Courtesy of
Joel Lee maneuvers over a large boulder. (Courtesy of
Jason Miller gets air. (Courtesy of
Joel Lee during a practice run. (Courtesy of
Leon Robbins goes for style points during a competition. (Courtesy of
Kody Stewart gets air after coming off a ramp. (Courtesy of
Leon Robbins flies high in the air. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee, left, and Joel Lee race down a hill. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee jumps over a car. (Courtesy of
Mike Dodge launches over a boulder. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee turns quickly to stop. (Courtesy of
Jordan Ourada gets air after going over a ramp. (Courtesy of
Mike Dodge performs a trick while going down a hill. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee takes a dirt path down a hill. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee races down a hill. (Courtesy of
Zack Langsdorf makes a sharp turn on a mountainboarding track. (Courtesy of
Marty Wakat takes a practice run. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee launches off a rock. (Courtesy of
Leon Robbins navigates a trail strewn with large rocks. (Courtesy of
Dave Sansone and Don Baker compete in a downhill race. (Courtesy of
Ryan DeGeare makes his way down a grass and dirt slope. (Courtesy of
Ross Baker takes a shortcut down a hill. (Courtesy of
Josh Knepper gets a scenic view on his way down. (Courtesy of
Jason Lee launches into the air. (Courtesy of
Ryan DeGeare enjoys a smooth ride in the grass. (Courtesy of
Dave Sansone grinds on a metal rail. (Courtesy of
Austin Robbins, left, and Leon Robbins compete during a race. (Courtesy of