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Patong Beach, Thailand (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
The Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Thailand (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
On Phi Phi Don, southeast of Phuket, Thailand, traditional long-tail boats are beached at Ton Sai Bay. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
The four-in-one organ at Metropolitan Art Space in Tokyo is the only one of its kind. (Charles Pertwee / For The Times)
Tokyo Opera City, on the outskirts of the Shinjuku district (Charles Pertwee / For The Times)
The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space’s organ can produce the sounds of Renaissance, Baroque, French Romantic and modern instruments. (Charles Pertwee / For The Times)
The architectural appeal of Tokyo’s MUZA Symphony Hall is second only to its superior acoustics. (Charles Pertwee / For The Times)
Jiyu-Gakuen Myonichi-kan, one of Tokyo’s oldest venues, has a modern spirit as home to the city’s only surviving Frank Lloyd Wright structure. (Charles Pertwee / For The Times)
The two-level Kohmen shop in Tokyo’s trendy Omote-sando district serves a variety of ramen in rustic bowls. (Damon Coulter / For The Times)
Potala Palace, a sacred site for Buddhist pilgrims, commands a hillside in Lhasa, Tibet. It is the former home of the Dalai Lama. (Cherilyn Parsons / For The Times)
Prayer wheels are for sale in Lhasa. Tibetan Buddhists spin the hand-held devices, which contain mantras (prayers). (Cherilyn Parsons / For The Times)
Tibetans in traditional garb and tennis shoes on the renowned Barkhor pathway in Lhasa. (Cherilyn Parsons / For The Times)
Large numbers of people young and old line up each evening to enter the Jokhang in Lhasa, Tibet’s holiest temple. (Cherilyn Parsons / For The Times)