Seaside habitat
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A Natural Beauty

Seaside habitat
Bodega Bay, sandwiched between ocean and hills, is among the American Bird Conservancy’s 500 “globally important bird areas.” (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Colorful finds
Lewis Edmondson bird-watches at Bodega Harbor. He compares spotting a rare species to finding an Easter egg. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Rugged beauty
Hikers traverse the bluff at Bodega Head. Tourist venues in town are limited; the area’s real attraction is the spectacular coastline. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Not for the phobic
The only major site that remains from “The Birds” is the 1873 schoolhouse where children were attacked by a flock of crows. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
The yellow-rumped warbler is one of Bodega Bay’s scores of bird varieties; last year’s annual Christmas count turned up 173 species. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Fowl play
Tippi Hedren is menaced by fearsome gulls in Hitchcock’s 1963 movie “The Birds.” ()