Biking in Chile
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Explore Santiago, Chile, by bike

A group of tourists ride rental bicycles through the Bellavista neighborhood of Santiago, Chile. 

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Cyclists participate in the World Bicycle Forum in April 2016 outside Palacio de La Moneda in Santiago, Chile.

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A cyclist arrives at the World Bicycle Forum in April 2016 in Santiago, Chile. The organization aims to promote bicycles in cities.

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A group of bicyclists dressed up for Halloween pass Santiago’s Bellavista neighborhood. Thousands celebrate Halloween night in the trendy quarter.

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La Chascona, the former home of the late Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, is a popular site in Santiago’s Bellavista neighborhood.

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On Sundays, a large portion of the streets in  Santiago, Chile, are closed to vehicles in the popular initiative CicloRecreoVia.

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Inside La Chascona, a former home of the late Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda in Santiago’s Bellavista.

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Central Market in Santiago.

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Dried fruits, nuts and beans are on sale at a vendor’s stand at the sprawling La Vega Market in Santiago, Chile. (Brian E. Clark)

Tourists take their rental bicycles along the La Vega market on Feb. 3 in Santiago’s Patronato neighborhood.

 (Tamara Merino )

An outdoor sculpture in Santiago pays tribute to the bicycle.

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Santiago’s National Museum of Fine Arts.

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Enjoying the water in Santiago.

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A panoramic view of Santiago, Chile.

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The Central Market in Santiago.

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Santiago’s San Cristobal Hill has dramatic views.

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A view of the Providencia and Las Condes districts in Santiago.

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Aerial view of Santiago from San Cristobal hill, with Parque Metropolitano in the foreground.

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Santiago’s funicular climbs hundreds of feet up a 45-degree slope. At the top is a 40-foot-tall statue of the Virgin Mary.

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A park on Avenida Pocuro in Santiago.

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Bicyclists take to the streets of Santiago during CicloRecreoVia, an initiative that closes some streets of the city to vehicles on Sundays.

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Peruvian black corn for sale at La Vega Market in Santiago, Chile.  (Brian L. Clark)

A bicycle monument in Santiago’s Racamalac Bridge over River Mapocho.

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A tourist takes his bicycle through Santiago’s La Vega market.

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Bicycles are a common sight in Santiago.

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