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Finding deals the world over

Starting in December, I traveled to five cities in Asia and Europe, and learned firsthand the varying worth of the dollar. Here, the prices of some goods and services that a tourist might need. -- Susan Spano, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

1 liter of bottled water costs:

Hanoi: 50 cents

Bangkok, Thailand: $2

Brussels: $1.50

Paris: $3

Rome: $1.20 (Silamith and James/ For The Los Angeles Times)
A medium-size local beer at a cafe costs:

Hanoi: $1.15 for Bia Ha Noi

Bangkok, Thailand: $1.20 for Chang

Brussels: $2 for Jupiter

Paris: $5.70 for Stella Artois or Kronenbourg

Rome: $7.50 for Peroni or Moretti (Jonathan Fickies/ Bloomberg News)
A manicure costs:

Hanoi: $3

Bangkok, Thailand: $10

Brussels: $22.50

Paris: $28.50

Rome: $37.50 (Fitzgerald, David, Los Angeles Times)
An airport-to-city cab ride:

Hanoi: $12

Bangkok, Thailand: $20

Brussels: $40 to $50

Paris: $67.50 to $75

Rome: $60 (Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times)
Best deal overall:

Hanoi: Cyclo-pousse, bicycle-cab short hop: $1

Bangkok, Thailand: Water taxi on Chao Phraya river: 25 cents

Brussels: Seven roses, Rapid’Flore: $9.75

Paris: La Poste priority mail -- up to 7 kilograms (about 15 pounds) from Paris to Los Angeles: $57 (box included)

Rome: 75 minutes on bus, subway or tram in the city center: $1.50 ()