Long arm of the law
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Long arm of the law
Retired judge and local fixture Richard Mangum captures the spirit of an earlier era as he leads a tour through the gentrified downtown of Flagstaff, Ariz., a ranching and railroad city settled around 1880. (Don Shirley / LAT)
Rustic charm
The Inn at 410, housed in a Craftsman-style building that dates to 1894, has a Western suite and serves breakfast in a garden gazebo. (Don Shirley / LAT)
Babbitt Brother’ was once the biggest department store in town, it withered in the face of mall competition. (It was founded in 1889 by five brothers, the same family that later produced Bruce Babbitt, former Arizona governor and U.S. secretary of the Interior.) But several Babbitt’s boutiques survive; the former headquarters is now a mountaineering shop. (Don Shirley / LAT)
The city’s first public plaza, Heritage Square, opened in 1999. The surrounding town center reportedly was hopping with new restaurants and shops (Don Shirley / LAT)
Famous landmark
The Lowell Observatory is best known as the place where apprentice astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto in 1930. (Don Shirley / LAT)