Underground exploration
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Underground exploration
Most visitors explore Moaning Cavern on a walking tour that involves about 450 stairs. Those with a little more time, money - and moxie - can rappel a steep 165-foot drop to reach the bottom. (Emily West)
Legend has it
Mark Twain, whose statue stands in Utica Park, turned his experiences in Angels Camp into some of his first short stories. (Chris Hall)
Moaning Cavern
Moaning Cavern is one of several natural caves open for tours in California’s Gold Country. (Emily West)
Sue’s Angels Creek Cafe
Sue’s Angels Creek Cafe is located on Main Street in Angel Camp. (Debora Vrana)
Jackass Hill
The cabin on Jackass Hill looks largely as it did in 1865 when Twain slept and smoked there. The abode is humble, if not downright spartan: a stone fireplace, a couple of windows and the front door. From the looks of it, there was little to do except write. (Debora Vrana)