Share your holiday survival travel tips with us and become a travel superhero

If you have a trip for holiday travel, please share with us for possible inclusion in our Nov. 19 issue. Navigating the airports or any other travel-related area can be tricky, as this photo from Dec. 23 shows.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Share the hard-won wisdom of your travel experiences with L.A. Times readers this holiday season for possible inclusion in our Nov. 19 Holiday Survival Kit.

Besides seeing your name in print, you may save someone a whole lot of grief.

What kinds of tips? Here’s one:

If you’re parking at an off-airport lot at the holidays, you need to make a reservation with that establishment.


A parking reservation saved my trip. I was leaving Thanksgiving morning and flying home the next day. But on a hunch, I made a reservation with the lot about a week before.

Good thing. When I got there, the lot was full. Because I had reserved, I got in. Others were left in the wind. And really, what can you do with a car you’re now shackled to?

It’s that kind of wisdom that Times Travel readers have been so good about sharing, and to that end, we’d like to ask you to help us build a survival kit.

Whether you’re flying (are there secret lots where you can park at our area airports?) or driving (a neighbor discovered the perils of an overinflated tire when it exploded in his driveway) or taking the train (you can sign up for delay alerts, which will help riders and those who are picking them up), you can share and help others and maybe pick up a pointer or two.


Anything is fair game. Should you wrap your Christmas presents ahead of time if you’re flying? Where can you find the cheapest gas? What’s the one item you should never be without? Is there a way to keep your lodging costs affordable if you’re not staying with family?

Tell us. Send your tips to with Holiday Survival Kit in the subject line.

Please include your name and city of residence (we require this for most reader submissions) and how we can contact you, which we won’t share but may use to clarify a suggestion.

Think about sharing your hard-won wisdom and become a travel superhero. The cape is optional.

The deadline is Nov. 7.


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