Lake Tahoe
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Lake Tahoe

Eagle Falls, fed by spring snow melt, empties into Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe. (Stephen Osman / LAT)
Bob Kingman, left, and Dennis Liebl Lake Tahoe via kayak. (Stephen Osman / LAT)
Kayakers camp overnight on the shores of Lake Tahoe. (Stephen Osman / LAT)
Bob Kingman has written a kayaker’s guide to Lake Tahoe with information about beaches, campsites and points of interest. (Stephen Osman / LAT)
Some people say Tessie, the Lake Tahoe version of her Scottish inspiration, is not a monster, but a sturgeon, introduced decades ago when the Sierra Nevada mountain lake was stocked with Macinaw, a large lake trout. Tessie remains elusive if not a permanent figure of the imagination. (Brian Vander Brug)
Lake Tahoe, jewel of the Sierra Nevada (Brian Vander Brug)
Brant Allen, a researcher with the University of California, checks weather instruments at the end of a pier on Lake Tahoe. The data collected here and at four buoys in the lake tell an alarming story that the lake has been warming over three decades, a fact due at least in part to the global climate change that scientists say has led to shorter winters in the Sierra. (AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli)