Travelers often pay taxes, resort fees and parking. Is it too large a burden or a fair share?

In re: “Surprise Taxes and Fees Can Be a Shock,” (On the Spot, Jan. 22, by Catharine Hamm): I have paid 10% to 20% hotel taxes that have been tacked on to my bill. While they’re an annoyance, I feel that those taxes are justified.

When we visit a city, we are provided with all the services that local citizens enjoy and pay for by the taxes they pay to support all the municipal services such as fire and police, clean water, parks, etc.

I think it is only fair that we, as visitors, help support these things.

Ronald Ross

Rancho Palos Verdes


A recent stay at a hotel in London’s Leicester Square, netted a $1,900 value-added tax, or VAT, on top of the price quoted for a seven-night stay.

VAT is not refundable on lodging. I wish the travel agent booking this had reminded us. All fees, taxes and charges should be disclosed before a booking is confirmed. This includes baggage checking on airlines.


Nondisclosure seems like a sneaky way to profit on the public.

Paul Brown

Santa Ana


Even after my Las Vegas loyalty program took away all my points, it is still offering me “free” rooms.

After putting in all of the fees including the use of a pool (which is closed during the winter), Wi-Fi and a lame gym which I will never use, as well as the local taxes and now parking, it is costing a little short of $60 a night to drive nine hours round trip to get my so-called “free” room.

Yeah, I’m still pretty unhappy about those points they said would never expire.

James Fryman



I read the article and felt better informed by it, but it did not mention another shocker — parking.

I decided to pay more to stay at a hotel within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center. This seemed reasonable, but I was wrong.

The event lasted three days. Imagine my shock when I learned that the hotel charged me $25 per day, $75 total, for parking my car.

I should have stayed at a cheap motel and driven to the convention center where parking is cheaper.

Next time you book a hotel / motel, make sure you find out whether you’re being charged for parking and how much.

Howard Morris

Rancho Cucamonga

Packing light

I don’t usually travel, but I realized recently I had always wanted to see the Aztec calendar, so I flew to Mexico City.

I briefly considered packing one of my Mini Maglite flashlights, but then just unclipped my Bell bicycle headlight and threw it in my laptop case.

It’s flat and rectangular, 2 by 3 inches by about 1 inch thick. It’s lighter, brighter and smaller than a Mini.

Mexico City? Magníifico!

Mark Willis

San Pedro