Time travel seems to have missed a couple of clocks

Caught in the middle of seating ploy

I would like to report a more “sinister” stuck-in-the-middle incident I had on a flight from LAX to Frankfurt [“Stuck in the Middle Seat,” Fly Guy, by Elliott Hester, Oct. 29]. A married coupled was seated in the aisle and window seats with me in the middle.

After they started speaking incessantly over me even before the plane departed, I offered to switch seats, as I assumed they would love to sit together to chat. They declined.

Once we were in the air, they did not waste a second calling the flight attendant and asking, “Can you please remove this passenger between us?” They actually used the word remove as if I were a parcel.


They were very disappointed when the attendant replied that the flight was fully booked. I eventually forced my way into a seat switch with them.

Apparently, fairness and consideration are easy victims of the current flight culture.

Monica Wiedenhoff

Los Angeles

Tick, tock, time to see this clock

How can you have an article about famous clocks around the world [“You’ll Have a Big Time,” by Mary Forgione, Oct. 29] and not include the Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic?

Crowds gather to watch the hourly show, which is a spectacular morality play. What a beautiful scene.

Charlotte Batistic


Delectable Prague sampler platter

Six of us just returned from two weeks in Germany and the Czech Republic, and the highlight of our trip came the last night on the Prague Food Tour.

For about 100 euros each [about $117], we had a 4½-hour walking tour that included samples of Czech wine, beer, liquors and coffee, as well as 13 different food samples. Leona, our guide and one of the owners, was enthusiastic, personable and knowledgeable about food, history, architecture and anything else we could ask.


Patricia Rabe

La Crescenta