Stevenson’s chase through California is only the start of the adventure

“Inspired by Stevenson: Portraits of Poetry” an art installation inspired by poems from Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” Each portrait was painted by a student at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School
(Edmund Vallance / For The Times)

I enjoyed the article about the California travels of author Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife, Fanny (“Natural Thriller, by Edmund Vallance, April 22). My wife and I have visited many of the sites Vallance described, and the account of his experiences brought to mind happy memories.

Also worth noting: the down-to-earth and engaging voice throughout the piece. The absence of forced jokes/snarky observations that sometimes weigh down pieces written about literature was refreshing.

Onward to Edinburgh, Scotland (for those who haven’t already followed RLS to his hometown).

George Drury



A boarding solution?

In regard to the On the Spot column about how aircraft are boarded (“On That Mad Rush to Board,” by Catharine Hamm, April 8): I have a better idea.

Let those who choose to put baggage in the hold of the airplane get on first and be let off first to make the loading and unloading of passengers faster.

I have waited too long for those who stuff their belongings in the overhead bins as they try to get in or out of the plane while I am just carrying my purse.

Susan Hartle

Lakewood, Wash.