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A $1-million retirement cruise

I liked Arthur Frommer's idea about spending one's "golden years" totally at sea ["These Retirees Enjoy Life on Cruise Control," On a Budget, April 10]. If I could only find a cruise line that is adventurous enough to accept my generous proposition.

Based on life expectancy statistics, I may be around for 10 to 15 more years. I would be agreeable to enter into a contract with a cruise line to provide inside cabin accommodation for my wife and me for the remainder of our lives for a prepaid fare of $1 million, including gratuities, taxes and port charges.

If we don't live that long, the cruise line would be the winner by keeping the prepaid fare. If we live longer, the cruise line would not really be out of pocket that much, considering that our prepaid fare would have been earning interest for 10-plus years.

Would we get bored seeing the same on-board entertainment repeated every week and tired of the same old food week after week? Not really. Beats bingo and TV dinners.

Gordon Frode

Cheviot Hills

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