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Oslo, Norway

This sculpture is one of many populating a park in Oslo, Norway, named for the artist, Gustav Vigeland. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Centuries ago, the Oseberg plied the northern seas. Today, the reconstructed dragon boat is the centerpiece of Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Oslo street scene
Bordered by shops and cafes, the street scene near the Karl Johans Gate in Oslo is alive with artists, busking musicians and balloon vendors. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Familiar face
One of the four versions of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” attracts visitors to Oslo’s National Gallery. (Lee Foster / Lonely Planet Images)
The Holmenkollen ski jump offers supreme views of the Oslo sunset. (Massimo Borchi / Corbis)
Trolls are legendary in Norway; this specimen presents the country’s flag. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Royal parade
A parade from the Royal Palace in Olso (Beverly Beyette / LAT)