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Highlights of Singapore

The National Orchid Garden has more than 60,000 plants.

Singapore Botanic Gardens: “All the Englishmen in the island congregated there,” Rudyard Kipling wrote of this oasis more than a century ago. And they still do, along with many others. Don’t miss the National Orchid Garden, one of Asia’s largest (Geraldine Wilkins / LAT)
There’s an eclectic menu at the Asian Civilisations Museum cafe.

Asian Civilisations Museum: This striking new facility is so Singapore, one of Asiass great ethnic melting pots. Listen to gamelan music from Indonesia or admire a batik from Syria., study shadow puppets from three cultures. Then stroll out back for a river view and a meal or snack at the cafe. (Geraldine Wilkins / LAT)
An orangutan at the Zoological Gardens.

Singapore Zoological Gardens: One of the world’s great zoos is in two parts. One is a rambling, jungly daytime park that puts few barriers between humans and the other species. You can even have breakfast and tea with the wildlife. The other is the Night Safari, where visitors spy on beasts’ nocturnal doingsof tigers, hippos and other beasts. (Geraldine Wilkins / LAT)
Shopper’s delight
Singapore’s Orchard Road attracts throngs for its shopping malls, international hotels and nightspots. (Geraldine Wilkins / LAT)