Summer reader photo issue
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Summer 2016 reader photo issue

Jackson Masuda, Wailuku, Hawaii. Tanzania. Shot July 1 with Olympus E-M10.

 (Jackson Masuda)

Joe Hengel, San Juan Capistrano. Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. Shot on July 19 with a Nikon D60.

 (Joe Hengel)

Fran McInerney, Calabasas. Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). Shot on Aug. 1 with a Canon G7X.

 (Fran McInerney)

Kathrine Seyfried, Stavanger, Norway. Lima, Peru. Shot on July 26 with a Nikon D3200.

 (Kathrine Seyfried)

Joe Walker, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. Bangkok, Thailand. Shot on June 9 with a Nikon D7200 with fisheye lens 10.5mm. 

 (Joe Walker)

Henry Yu, Long Beach, Calif. Paris. Shot on May 30 — the day of a transportation workers strike — with an iPhone 6S.

 (Henry Yu)

Elissa Title, Los Angeles. Zimbabwe. Shot on July 26 with a Canon Rebel T4i with an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens.

 (Elissa Title)

Del Breckenfeld, Corona, Calif. Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. Shot on June 5 with an iPhone 6.

 (Del Breckenfeld)

Abel Salazar, La Puente, Calif. Abandoned Nike Missile Base, Rowland Heights, Calif. Shot on Aug. 18 with a Nikon D3100. 

 (Abel Salazar)

Eileen Dube, Glendale, Calif. Thumpertown Beach, Eastham, Mass. Shot on July 4 with a Sony ILCE 5100.

 (Eileen Dube)

Dan Sokol, La Canada Flintridge, Calif. Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France. Shot on July 31 with an iPhone 6.

 (Dan Sokol)

Sue Lievers, Encinitas, Calif. Fifth Avenue, New York. Shot on June 10 with an iPhone 6s.

 (Sue Lievers)

Karen Share, Encino, Calif. Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Shot on Aug. 22 with a Canon 70D with a Tamron zoom lens.

 (Karen Share)

Laura Veltman, Eastvale, Calif. Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. Shot on Aug. 14 with an iPhone 6.

 (Laura Veltman)

Nico Heyning, Manhattan Beach, Calif. Walvis Bay, Namibia. Shot June 10 with a Canon 5D Mk III with a Canon 24-105mm L lens.

 (Nico Heyning)

Mel Lim, Hacienda Heights, Calif. Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France. Shot on Aug. 8 with a Nikon DF using 24-120mm lens.

 (Mel Lim)

Alan Steel, Glendale, Calif. Shaver Lake, Calif. Shot on July 21 with a Nikon D300.

 (Alan Steel)

Judy Peacock, Santee, Calif. Kelp Bay, Alaska. Shot on Aug. 24 with a Samsung Galaxy 7.

 (Judy Peacock)

Donald Nunnari, La Canada Flintridge, Calif. Jackson Hole, Wyo. Shot on June 3 with a Canon 7D.

 (Donald Nunnari)

Stephen Sixta, Diamond Bar, Calif. Old Courthouse at the Gateway Arch, St. Louis. Taken Aug. 13 with iPhone 6 with a selfie stick.


Srinath Kota, St. Louis. Shadow of Eiffel Tower, Paris. Shot Aug. 26 with a Canon Rebel T5.

 (Srinath Kota)

Sophie Kirtley, Orlando, Fla. San Franciso MoMA. Shot on July 6 with an iPhone 6.


Sarah Williams, Los Angeles. Thousand Island Lake, Calif. with Mt. Banner in the background. Shot on June 24 with a FujiFilm X-T1F0.

 (Sarah Williams)

Elissa Title, Los Angeles. Zimbabwe. Shot on July 26 with a Canon Rebel T4i with an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens.

 (Elissa Title)

Phil Calvert, Reseda, Calif. Street lights outside the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Bilbao. Shot with Olympus E-P5. 

 (Phil Calvert)

Bill Mabie, Alhambra, Calif. Valdez, Alaska. Shot on July 8 with a Panasonic Lumix GH3.

 (Bill Mabie)

Mike Worthington, Orlando, Fla. Zion National Park. Shot on June 18 with a Canon T2i.

 (Mike Worthington)

Mike Smith, Santa Monica. Tokyo. Shot on July 10 with Fuji X-Pro2.

 (Mike Smith )

Betsy Chavarin, Riverside, Calif. Antelope Canyon, Ariz. Shot on June 3 with Nikon D3300.

 (Betsy Chavarin)

Ken Lee, Los Angeles. Iceland. Shot on June 22 with a Nikon D610, shooting at 1/320 of a second at f/8 for ample depth of field.

 (Ken Lee)

The 2016 summer vacation readers photo issue print selection.


Jill Donaldson, Anaheim.

Donaldson and her husband took a Washington state vacation in June and hit many of Seattle’s popular spots, including Chihuly Garden and Glass. Donaldson, dazzled, raised her Canon 70D and started composing. “I was surprised to look up at the flowers on the glass ceiling and also see the Space Needle. The flowers framed the Space Needle nicely,” she wrote in an email.

 (Jill Donaldson)

Phil Calvert, Reseda

Calvert had already found a prime viewpoint in Bilbao when a pigeon took wing in the foreground. Its wings spread wide, it swooped above the Nervión River. Calvert, who had a wide-angle lens on his Olympus E-P5, snapped with the shutter set at 1/4000 second to keep the bird from blurring. “That fisheye lens was still new to me, and I was still just playing with it,” he wrote in an email.

 (Phil Calvert)

Martha Escutia, Whittier

In early August, Escutia attended a niece’s wedding in Morelia, Mexico. Afterward, she boarded a boat on nearby Lake Pátzcuaro and spotted some local fishermen, who are known for their butterfly-shaped nets. She quickly framed a shot with her iPhone 5s. “They were moving fast in their slender canoes as the looming clouds were announcing a storm,” she wrote in an email of the image, which she liked in black and white. “I travel with camera and phone.But if something touches you right away, you grab the phone.”

 (Martha Escutia)

Ken Lee, Los Angeles

Lee had wanted to see Iceland for years, and in June he finally got there. In the wind-swept hills of the northwest, he encountered his first Icelandic horses. He chose one, stood nearby, made eye contact, and waited for it to come to him. “It maintained eye contact with me ... and its mane would sometimes obscure its eye because of the wind,” Lee wrote in an email. Eventually, “the mane parted right where the eye was, and my patience was rewarded.” Lee used a Nikon D610, shooting at 1/320 of s second at f/8 for ample depth of field.

 (Ken Lee)

Mark Leiss, Bell Canyon

In August, Leiss was on the island of Providenciales. He and his wife, Adriana, were goofing around at water’s edge when a sudden rainstorm — and inspiration — struck. While raindrops flew and Adriana grinned, Leiss used his iPhone 6s, in a waterproof case, to take the panoramic image. “She was laughing, but I couldn’t hear her because the rain was too loud!”

 (Mark Leiss)

Charlotte Liebeck, Long Beach

Liebeck was in St. Petersburg in May on her first trip to Russia. As she walked through the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood with her iPhone 6 Plus, she looked up and focused on a high window, a brilliant chandelier and a winged figure. “This is my most favorite picture I have ever taken,” Liebeck wrote in an email. “I almost wanted to cry when we left. I have never been in a building that allowed such perfect pictures to be taken everywhere I looked.”

 (Charlotte Liebeck)

Janice Jim, Irvine

Jim used her iPhone 6s to catch this shot of Manarola, one of five cliff-clinging towns connected by rail and coastal trails in Cinque Terra. Jim, with her husband and daughters, visited all five towns in July using the local railroad. The trip also included Venice, Tuscany and Rome. Jim said her daughters, Ella, 9, and Elyse, 6, “were troupers. They walked everywhere.”

 (Janice Jim)

Mike Smith, Santa Monica

On June 28, Smith noticed a crowd standing on top of a cliff in Laguna Beach. He realized the spectators were watching a young man prepare to dive off. When he leaped into the air, Smith recalled, “he flipped backward and caught us all off-guard. I was lucky to have a view of his flip, the crowd and the sunset all in one shot.” Smith used a Fuji X-Pro2.oung man prepare to dive off. When he leaped into the air, Smith recalled, “he flipped backward and caught us all off-guard. I was lucky to have a view of his flip, the crowd and the sunset all in one shot.” Smith used a Fuji X-Pro2.

 (Mike Smith)

Larry Venus, Sacramento

Venus encountered this burrowing owl in July as it sat on a fencepost in Davis. Despite the bird’s “stink eye,” Venus said, it stayed put for quite a while. Venus approached slowly and got within 10 feet of the animal. “If you rush, they’ll fly away,” Venus said. He used a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 150-600mm lens.

 (Larry Venus)

Cheryl Herrera, Glendale

Herrera used a vertical composition to unite the stony shallows of Lake Louise, the mountain slopes and a half-cloudy sunset sky. She shot with a Sony A7 at about 10 p.m. — that’s how long the light lasts when you’re that far north on a summer night. The lake and mountains are part of Banff National Park, one of three parks Herrera visited on a 12-day trip with her husband and daughter. Wrote Herrera in an email: “One thing you can’t see in this photo are all the mosquitoes that were out and about.”

 (Cheryl Herrera)

Joe Carson, Redondo Beach

Carson and his family were camping in July in the Twin Lakes area near Mammoth Lakes. To get this long exposure of the night sky and eastern Sierra, he positioned his Nikon D800 about 1,000 feet from their campsite. He made an exposure of about 20 seconds at about 11 p.m. As for the rest of the camping trip? “The fish were biting and the mosquitoes were not,” Carson wrote in an email.

 (Joe Carson)

Shabdro Nga, Los Angeles

Nga used a time exposure to capture this image in Malibu on July 2. But this shot was Plan B. His first plan was to exploit a new moon and shoot the Milky Way, but the fog rolled in. “I sat in my parked car for almost two hours, all the while hoping the cloud cover would dissipate. It never did,” Nga wrote in an email. So he shot the road, hills and street lamps instead. “It wasn’t the shot I had come for but I was happy with it just the same.” He used a Canon 6D camera.

 (Shabdro Nga)

Eddie Poon, Monterey Park

The night of Aug. 19 was busy at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. Poon, in Japan on vacation with his family, took his Nikon D7000 and found high ground — the second level of a Starbucks. That allowed him to capture pedestrians in blurry motion beneath the bright lights. To keep his camera stable without a tripod, he supported it on a window ledge.

 (Eddie Poon)

Andrew Sims, San Clemente

Sims and his family were on holiday in July in the Cotswolds countryside when the wind kicked up one morning about 7. He and his son, Luke, 13, were in a wheat field — well, Sims confessed, “we were sort of lost.” But it was a good morning anyway. His picture, shot with an Amazon Fire Phone, caught Luke amid rippling stalks.

 (Andrew Sims)