Pedal through history on 1,000-mile Iron Curtain cycling tour from Berlin to Budapest

Looking for an epic adventure? A new Iron Curtain cycling tour weaves its way from Berlin to Budapest, Hungary, and includes five capitals and five distinct cultures that are connected by this historic period of the 20th century.

The nearly 1,000-mile bicycle Ride & Seek Bicycle Adventures tour begins in Berlin, where the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 signaled the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the decades-long Cold War.

Rides take you past palaces, villages, green meadows and wooded hillsides, and include cycling along the Danube River and a visit to Vienna.


The trip can be broken into two stages: Berlin to Prague over eight days and Prague to Budapest over 11 days. 

Dates: Aug. 18- Sept. 4

Price: From $8,318 per person for the full tour. Includes accommodations, most meals, guides, van support, shuttles, private tours, tastings and luggage transfers. International airfare, insurance and bike rentals are not included. 

Info: Ride & Seek Bicycle Adventures


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