Island hop, snorkel and whale watch in Portugal’s Azores Islands

Visit the Azores Islands, off Portugal, on a weeklong adventure tour.

Explore the Azores Islands, hike to the top of a volcano and take a dip in hot- and cold-water thermal springs on a weeklong tour that includes a visit to Lisbon, Portugal.

The Off-the-Map Travel itinerary visits the Azores, a nine-island region of Portugal that’s known for its outdoor activities, including snorkeling, diving and hiking.

Visitors can swim in dormant volcanic crater lakes, island hop and whale watch. The tour includes two days in Lisbon, with time to get familiar with the city. 

Dates: Six-day, seven-night tours through Oct. 31


Price: From $2,540 per person, double occupancy. Includes accommodations, some meals, private transfers, snorkeling and whale-watching trips and a tour of Furnas Island. International airfare not included.

Info: Off the Map Travel


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